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Just Be...


Just Being...

Stories from women who have faced and battled difficult journeys in life and how they overcame them.



Like many, I had a challenging start to life. My Dad leaving, Mum dying and being exploited and abused by people I trusted. I had to learn to be pretty self-sufficient from an early age. Only being able to rely on yourself makes you strong and to many you can appear even stronger. Only those close to you can actually see you have the same vulnerabilities as everyone else and only those, who are even closer, can find out that sometimes you can feel desperate, sad and lonely like everyone else. We all need help. Everyone of us. Some more than others and asking for it is braver than not asking for it. Isolation is never a solution; it may surprise you that there will always be someone who will be there to listen, support and help. 



Having experienced physical & mental abuse that started as a child, followed by the death of both my parents meant I was left with no confidence and no one I felt I could talk too about my insecurities so I chose to deal with it on my own. My life was therefore severely affected by not sharing or seeking help, resulting in divorce, drug addiction and family fallouts. I reached rock bottom, and I knew it was time to pick myself up. A voice inside reminded me that there are people worse off than me so it's time to get my shit together! Just Be Me was created to remind myself that I am UNIQUE, I am PERFECTLY IMPERFECT and I CAN BE MY OWN MUSE and that is OK!